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Step 1: Change your password!
You're going to login with the default username of admin and the default password of password. You can also login as a standard level user with the credentials of user and password. If you cannot login for some reason, edit the login.php file and uncomment out the lines
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
to see if there are any errors in your server configuration.
Step 2: Change some settings
You want to go to the Admin Dashboard. From there you can personalize your settings. You can decide whether or not you want to use reCaptcha, force SSL, or mess with some CSS.
Step 3: Explore
From the Admin Dashboard, you can go to Admin Permissions and add some new user levels. Then check out Admin Pages to decide which pages are private and which are public. Once you make a page private, you can decide how what level of access someone needs to access it. Any new pages you create in your site folder will automatically show up here.
Step 4: Check out the other resources
The users/blank_pages folder contains a blank version of this page and one with the sidebar included for your convenience. There are also special_blanks that you can drop into your site folder and load up to check out all the things you can do with Bootstrap.
Step 5: Design and secure your own pages
Of course, using our blanks is the quickest way to get up and running, but you can also secure any page. Simply add this php code to the top of your page and it will perform a check to see if you've set any special permissions.
require_once 'users/init.php';
require_once $abs_us_root.$us_url_root.'users/includes/header.php';
require_once $abs_us_root.$us_url_root.'users/includes/navigation.php';
if (!securePage($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])){die();}
Step 6: Check out the forums and documentation at UserSpice.com
That's where the latest options are and you can find people willing to help. No account is required for browsing the forums, but you will need to sign up to be able to post.
Step 7: Replace this ugly homepage with your own beautiful creation
Don't forget to swap out logo.png in the images folder with your own! If you're getting nagging message in the footer, go get you some of your own reCAPTCHA keys
Step 8: Avoid editing the UserSpice files
But what if you want to change the UserSpice files? We have a solution that lets you edit our files and still not break future upgrades. For instance, if you want to modify the account.php file... just copy our file into the "usersc" folder. Then you can edit away and your file will be loaded instead of ours!

UserSpice is built using Twitter's Bootstrap, so it is fully responsive and there is tons of documentation. The look and the feel can be changed very easily.

Consider checking out Bootsnipp to see all the widgets and tools you can easily drop into UserSpice to get your project off the ground.