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Customized Office Software

Customized Office Software

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Feb 25 2020


New York Life Insurance Co.

Project Type


Client: New York Life Solution Co.

Services Provided: Customized office software

Business Type: Business to Customer

Client Industry: Insurance



Case Summary: New York Life Co is an insurance company with three branches located in Irvine, Los Angeles, and Guangzhou, China. Before coming to Eton, The client was using different CRM systems to update cases and communicate among branches. Eton developed a personalized, easy to navigate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for the client and helped increase the work efficiency and communication among its three offices. 





The insurance company came to Eton wanting a new CRM system because the timezone and location difference among its three offices caused a lot of problems when employees in different branches follow up cases and records with each other. The risk of using different systems to back up data would lead to data dispersion, resulting in maintenance pressure and low efficiency.


Eton's team developed a personalized, easy to navigate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for the client. We provided a tailored integrated ticket tracking system and make sure that every salesperson clearly understands the responsibility of the ticket and has the right to edit it.


The customized CRM system highly increases the client's staff's work efficiency. Additionally, each employee at different levels has a different authority. We incorporated permission management for this system to make the management easier.

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